An Introduction

Hello, curious reader.
It’s been 5 years since I last kept a blog. My exit coincides with the beginning of my professional career, which I can assume was either due to too much free time during my studies or simply the realization that I actually had more to learn than to teach.
Now, some time later, I feel I’ve done a couple of things that may actually be worth sharing, so I’ll try to get this thing started again.

This blog will first and foremost reflect my professional life, covering everything from server maintenance and shell scripting to software development and interesting database solutions.
I currently work for a NGO where I work with the database and our core applications (and do some minor coding on the side whenever I see a way to improve workflows). I’ve also been part of a two-man team that built and deployed a data warehouse solution in several of our European country offices.

Why “Anticode”?
The name stems from one of my music projects, which I considered a vacation of sorts from my day job. The name stuck, and is markedly more unique than my real name (a quick google search of my name is unlikely to give any results pointing to me).

So there we go. Time to get this thing up and running.